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Never. Absolutely not. We have found that those whom are unemployed, do this on the side or as independent contractors as most of our competitors are or utilize never care or are as concerned as we care. Since we are one of the few companies that thoroughly back ground check, train, supervise and pay our employees well in the industry, you can rest assured you are in good hands when you hire Pink Sponge for your cleaning needs.

This is a great question that few know the answers to. A company or individual who utilizes independent contractors like Handy Inc. as well as others are restricted by law in not only what they can ask of these contractors, but also in determining who they are, when they can work and what will happen in the event of a problem or injury. Many times these individuals do not pay taxes, are inexperienced, do not have any insurance, are flight-risks and can even send others to do the work since the companies they work for do not want to pay them well and take care of them. Here are Pink Sponge we are not only proud of our Employees and how we hire them, train them and supervise them but also how much we truly care about them. You will never find us engaging in these practices let alone sending those who are into your home.

No, of course not. Here at Pink Sponge we are proud to offer the best products and services included in your cleaning so you never have to worry about replenishing your supplies or even remembering to leave them all out. That being said, if you ever have any special requests for products of your choice to be utilized we are more than happy to accommodate you.

Yes… mostly. Here at Pink Sponge we are proud to have refined our processes to utilize not only the most efficient and impactful solvents, but also the most environmentally friendly. Where throughout the home we use mainly naturally sourced ingredients and solutions, in the bathrooms particularly in lavatories, we do not. As always we are happy to utilize any products you prefer and provide so please contact our office for any arrangements to be made regarding this and we would be more than happy to oblige.

Yes, of course. However we politely ask that you do so as promptly as possible to not negatively disrupt our business thereby making it worse for others, so we appreciate at least a 24-Hour notice. If teams arrive at your door and our turned away or cannot clean for this reason, with the exception of emergencies, extenuating circumstances or a problem on our end we will still charge our normal fee for that service.

While we are all about saving money, unfortunately sometimes non-company employees don’t care as much as you’d want or think and can become your worst nightmare. By working with us, we take the headache and hassle out of you becoming an “Unaware Employer” as well call it. Dealing with injuries, with no shows, with late arrivals, inconsistent work and security concerns on top of all the liabilities and details is what We do when you work with us, so you don’t have to. We imagine you do not need any more headaches in your life, let alone to start and run a small cleaning company for your home and all the problems that come with it so we are proud of all our procedures, processes and policies to make your life easier and more meaningful.

While we welcome any polite feedback directly to our teams in your home, we encourage your utilization of one of the many avenues we have setup for us to better track and record your compliments and concerns. By using our Client Portal or our Customer Care hotline we are then able to ensure your message gets to the right people so we can
celebrate or care more appropriately either way!

We accept aged cheese, gold, future children and credit cards! Whatever is easiest for you, we are here to make your life easier, just let us know
Of Course! We love your pets as much as you do! That’s why we have no problems keeping their areas tidy as well. Simply let us know during your initial phone call or consultation so we can send one of our specialized teams! We also ask if they can simply be restricted during our cleaning visits for their safety and peace of mind as well as ours since our machines can at times create a little noise.
Don’t worry! We’ll fix it! After filing an incident report we’ll try our best to either repair or replace it until you are satisfied.
Of Course Not! We pride ourselves in taking True Care of you and your home when you are in it or away! Thousands of clients have trusted us with their keys and homes over the years, so you can too. Just let us know in advance and we can set this up!
As stated, we are merely human and apologize in advance. We know this will happen and although we cannot guarantee it won’t we can guarantee to make it right. Call us anytime to fix it and we will make it right.
Sometimes a Company’s name and brand does dictate the experience you will have and what we have found is that many times in exchange for a lower price from our competitors, you end up picking up the other half you thought you “saved” in headaches, more stress and at times broken and unclean items. Here at Pink Sponge we charge more to provide you with more. More peace of mind, More enjoyable environments and of course, More clean areas in your home. Take advantage of our price-matching option, and perhaps we can arrive at a happy medium 😊
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